Exclusive Business Strategies – Your Business Battle Plan


Your business battle plan is one of the most important documents you will ever create as an entrepreneur. It will guide the direction of your company and also give potential investors a blueprint of the company’s structure, commitments, daily operations, and future objectives.

There are entire books-LONG books-about how to write a business plan. Reading a few of them is a great way to educate you. But meanwhile, let’s focus on the basics. What you really need here and now in the trenches is a simple plan that starts with where you are and what you’ve got and gives you a clear direction about what to do next.

The consultants and fancy graphics and appendices may or may not come later, but the kind of plan I’m talking about right here, right now, is one that covers the basics, one that you will understand and USE as a day-to-day action plan.

• Start by writing a detailed description of the business and the nature of the product or service you are offering.

• What is the purpose of the business and why does it exist? What drives the passion that made you start this business? These answers will become your mission statement.

• Make a list of competitors who offer the same product or service and point out how yours will be different and/or better. Dissect your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses as compared to yours.

• Who are your customers? How will they find you or how will you find them? This is the raw beginning of your marketing strategy.

• What are your revenue goals per month? Per quarter? Per year?

• What systems have you put in place to produce and deliver your product or service? To reach customers? To collect payment? To provide customer service and follow up? Think of all the steps in your process and the systems that will support them.

• How will you track all your actions and results?

• Write a 60-day action plan.

• Write a daily action plan for the next seven days.